COUPON: %100.2 Money Back On Ebook

I’m sorry you missed it, but THIS PROMO IS OVER. Follow me on twitter or facebook for future promos :-)

I’m a bit surprised more people didn’t take advantage of this, if only to see how the experiment would effect the Amazon rank. I would love to know what it takes to crack the top 100 in paid ebooks. Check the comments for more details on how it went, but if you’re interested, here’s ranking chart to click on:

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 6.03.15 AM

And here’s the offer as it was presented:

Please help me with this experiment and get a FREE ebook in the process! And please help SPREAD THE WORD!!

First the offer, then read on to find out why I’m doing it.

THE OFFER: Be one of the first 100 to buy the ebook copy of my book “The Forgotten Secret” (click here) on Saturday, September 21st, 2013, and I will refund you %100.2 of the purchase price.

ForgSecDigitalCoverDETAILS: The ebook version of “The Forgotten Secret” costs $4.99. Purchase a copy from Amazon on Saturday, provide me with proof, and I will refund you $5.00 via Paypal.

1) You MUST be willing to accept the refund via
2) To provide PROOF – Copy, paste, and email a portion of your Amazon “receipt” showing the purchase (or forward the receipt) to
3) Tweet or Facebook me a picture of you, your pet, or something cool with the cover of your ebook copy of “The Forgotten Secret”. (If you don’t have an ebook reader, there are plenty of FREE options! Just click here for more info.)
(facebook and twiter on the right side of this page)
4) Email the Paypal name I can send your refund to (include it in the “Proof” email (step 2) would be best).

As an indie author, I’m finding it extremely difficult to find a successful marketing strategy. I’ve tried Amazon gift card giveaways, targeted add campaigns on Goodreads, youtube campaigns, facebook campaigns, and featured book strategies. All seem to be a waste of money!

My history shows the only effective way to drive sales is to climb the Amazon sales ranks, so I thought instead of throwing away money in useless campaigns, I would try giving it back to you! My hope — If enough people buy the book on the same day, “The Forgotten Secret” will soon achieve its highest sales rank and will work its way into the magic algorithms of With any luck, this will drive sales in the days following the promotion.

So join me and let’s see if we can get “The Forgotten Secret” to #1.

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2 thoughts on “COUPON: %100.2 Money Back On Ebook

  1. Jemima Pett

    Darn, I didn’t get your goodreads invitation till 2 am on Sunday, California time (10 Sunday morning in the UK!) Hope it went well for you.

    • Thanks Jemima! Here’s how it worked out so far… Over 300 people checked out the blog post, 30 people bought the book, about 10 have redeemed the coupon so far, about 6 sales of other books or formats, Amazon ranking from about 535,000 to 5,800. Now we just have to see if there’s any “after-effects”…

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