How I Decided to Write a Book

Here’s the journey that lead me to write my first book:

I’ve been working in the sound department for films and television since 1992 and have worked on projects like Dolores Claiborne, Wild Things, My Dog Skip, Burn Notice, and Dolphin Tale.  Feel free to check me out on imdb:

It seems to me, every person I’ve met in the business has a script idea or script they have written; and I am no exception.  I made a couple of attempts at screenwriting early in my career, and again more recently.  In 2008 I finished a script I had been toiling over, on and off, for a couple of years.  I gave the script to our Burn Notice creator/Executive Producer and he kindly gave it a read.  His advice was simple enough, “Throw that script out, read the books Screenplay and Writing Screenplays That Sell, and then start over.”  He did have some nice things to say, but turns out, you can’t just write a script with no knowledge of story structure and character development.  You need to think like a writer.  I had always assumed I could write a script since I had read so many, but that was obviously not the case.

So I took the advice, read the books, and started over.  Not able to bear a rewrite of the same script, I started fresh with my new-found writing tools to write Verlof’s Treasure.  Knocking out the first draft early in 2009, I had a few of the other Burn Notice writers give me a critique.  This time, the reviews were much better.  One writer gave some amazing technical notes, and the other gave incredible story notes.  I drug my feet a bit longer, and finally completed a rewrite, then another, and then a final draft.  As I proudly held my newly written script, I remembered how difficult it was to get a script produced; even for someone in the business, and decided to take the easy road.  Verlof’s Treasure was filed away to be dealt with later.

I tried to forget about the story, but it just kept working it’s way back into my consciousness, and then made it’s way to my daily conversations with friends.  In a likely attempt to shut me up, one of my friends/coworkers suggested that I should turn the script into a book.  He mused that if I could sell a few copies, maybe someone would be interested in producing the movie.  I instantly dismissed the idea, but for the next twenty months it kept needling at me until I could no longer resist the urge to turn my script into a book.

In July of 2011, I finally sat down and tackled the task of turning my script into a book.  Verlof’s Treasure became Gasparilla’s Treasure, and now in January of 2012 the book is finally completed and edited.

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