A Nice Feeling

It’s a great feeling when someone let’s you know they  truly enjoying your book.  This is an email from nice person/actress Lauren Stamile, who some of you may know from Grey’s Anatomy or as Agent Pearce from Burn Notice.  She is reading my book, Gasparilla’s Treasure, and she sent this email.  I asked her if I could share it in my blog and she kindly said “Of course.”  So, here it is:



It’s Lauren, 🙂
About 30 pages in….

Love how it’s “To Everyone who sees life as an adventure.”
Love how the Prologue just grabs you by the neck and how Chapter One
starts off SO differently, in another time and place.  It gives the
reader the thrill that these two insanely unrelated worlds are
somehow… RELATED!  And the thrill is in knowing that you (the
reader) are on the journey to see how!
I love the name of the freakin’ old person’s home.
I love how the whole thing feels so personal to the teller of the tale
but does not alienate the reader in any way.  It is so welcoming.
And it took NO TIME to instantly get swept up into the world of the
story.  That rarely happens for me.  I generally need a few chapters
of slow reading to really get in there.  Not so AT ALL in this case.
There is heart, humor, action, a sense of wonder and pathos — all the
ingredients needed for a great adventure.

I am SO GRATEFUL that you generously gave me a copy.
I can’t wait to read further and ask questions and discuss!

ps–Geez!  You couldn’t just get nominated for a freakin’ emmy for
sound!  You also had to go and be uber-talented in another medium.
Jerk! 😉

You can find the book on Amazon:


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