Wooden Treasure Chest Project

My son and I were looking for a way to spend some non-computer time and made this wooden treasure chest last weekend.  It was a nice tie in to my book Gasparilla’s Treasure, took us about four hours, and was a blast.  He has since filled it with a few of his own treasures, like marbles, balls, slinky, etc… Check out fellow blogger NonMom’s review of Gasparilla’s Treasure and then build your own treasure chest!  We’re going to try and build another treasure chest out of foam board for those who don’t have the wood working tools.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

This project required a reasonable amount of experience with the table saw, but the project was simple and cost under ten dollars.

So here we go:

We started with a 1X5, six foot long piece of knot free pine (about $8).  I showed Corey how to set up the table saw, and where all the controls were.  I had him help me make all measurements, but I did all the cutting.

I cross cut the board into 3 @ 14 inch pieces, and 3 @ 5 5/8 inch pieces.

Next came the hardest part.  I set the table saws rip fence to 1/4 inch. (This can be really tricky, so don’t do anything that is unsafe.  You don’t want this to turn into a lesson in how to reattach a finger).  I ripped the 14 inch pieces into strips with a final dimension 1/4 inch, by 3/4 inch, by 14 inch.  The three 14 inch pieces yielded 10 strips each, for a total of 30 strips.

Next I had Corey drill holes for the nails.  Each strip got a hole in each end, and we made shorter work of it by drilling four strips at a time.

Next I ripped two of the 5 5/8 inch pieces to their final dimension of 5 5/8 inches by 3 1/2 inches.  These became the end pieces of the treasure chest.

The final 5 5/8 inch piece got ripped into, 2 @ 5 5/8 inches by 2 inches.  Then I used a one gallon paint can to draw an arch on these pieces.  I used my scroll saw to cut the curve.  These pieces became the end caps of the lid.

Here are all the pieces laid out. Along with the panel nails and hinges (that’s everything you need.)

Then I had Corey nail the strips onto the end pieces.  The strips formed the bottom and sides of the treasure chest.

Nailing the strips onto the lid was a bit trickier.  We worked together on this part.

Once the chest and lid had all their strips attached, we attached the lid with hinges.  We didn’t have a perfect solution for the hinges, but Corey doesn’t seem to mind.  A strip of duct tape would do the trick if you don’t want to deal with the hinges.

Corey wants to add a lock, and we are probably going to try and add one tomorrow 🙂

And there you have it!  Your very own treasure chest!  And don’t forget to get your copy of Gasparilla’s Treasure for an exciting treasure hunt adventure!

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