Minecraft – Steve – Halloween Costume

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So this year, Corey decided he wanted to be Steve from the game Minecraft.  If you’re not familiar with Minecraft, then you probably don’t need to be reading this blog post 🙂

But, if you want to check it out anyway, Steve is the one between the pig and the sheep.


I’m super happy Corey decided to be Steve this year, because we always make his costumes, and Steve is basically a few boxes… Not too bad.  At the bottom of the post, I’ll put pictures of some of Corey’s homemade costumes of the past, but for now, If you want to make your own Steve Halloween Costume… Here’s Steve!

So we aren’t quite done with the costume yet, but close enough to give you the basic idea.  I wanted to get this post up, so you’ll still have a bit of time to make your own Steve before Halloween.  We started with 2 boxes, that luckily, I had in the garage.  The one for the head was 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches… the perfect size.  The box for the body was a bit too thick, so I cut and folded and taped until I had forced the box to be 14 inches wide (shoulders) by 12 inches deep, by 22 inches tall.  This seemed to fit eleven-year-old Corey perfectly 🙂

We cut a couple of holes for the arms and head, and then Corey tried it on.  Everything worked great!

Next, I had a long skinny box I was able to cut the “shirt sleeves” out of.  I used both ends of the box for the two sleeves. They measure 6 by 6 by 9.

I held the sleeves up to the body, and traced the arm cut outs from the holes in the body, and cut them out.  Turns out, I needed to cut them all the way to the bottom (see photo):

I used packing tape to tape the sleeve to the body.  You can’t see it in the photo, but I basically just wrapped strips of packing tape around the pieces you can see in the photo, that way the tape wouldn’t be visible.  And now we have sleeves!

Next step was easy. Some teal spray paint from the Home Depot, and some flesh colored spray paint for the head.

OK, the spray paint I got for the head was too light.  You can save yourself a step by getting the right color… but at the time, we were going to paint individual squares of color, and that seemed to match the lightest color.  More on that later… or now…

It was time to paint the head.  We drew 1.5 inch squares  in pencil on the front, forming a grid… Again, thinking we would paint each square to look authentic (that gave us an 8 squares by 8 squares grid).  You can see in the picture below, we tried crayons to do the hair… it became obvious it wasn’t going to work…. We decided we would go with a solid color for the face and hair, but the grid was still useful.  It made it easy to find the eyes, mouth, and hair line.  We marked all of those and cut out the eyes and mouth.  The mouth gives a little more visibility for Corey when he’s in the box.

Next, we looked at a picture of Steve and figured out what the sides should look like.  We got a ruler and marked out his hair line on the side… and then the back…  Then it was time to paint.  It just so happens, we have walls in our house that are the same color as Steve’s face and hair.  We painted the head and used some craft paint to mix up some color for his nose.  I think it’s a bit pink, but Corey was happy 🙂

Next, we decided it would be easier to attach the head to the body, rather than trying to attach it to Corey’s head in some way (still refer to the picture above).  We accidentally noticed we liked the head if it was slightly tilted down, so we marked the bottom… of the sides… of the head… with a 1 inch slope from the front to the back (the line went from 1 inch on the front to 0 inch at the back).  Then I made a line about 3 inches back from the front, and notched it out (see the picture above). I notched it right up to the sloping line, and then cut along the sloping line to make a nice tilt forward (obviously, I had to do this to both sides of the head).

Then I taped the sides of the head to the body from the inside (not easy… very frustrating), and taped the back of the head to the body on the outside… the tape is visible, but it’s clear, and oh well…

I know it sounds crazy that I have all this stuff lying around the house, but… I found a piece of foam and cut it in two.  I glued it in the box for shoulder pads.  The picture below is from the inside of the box, looking at the foam next to the arm holes, and head hole.

We also made Steve’s pickaxe, but found one for sale locally and ended up using that one.  For the one we made, we basically found the Minecraft pickaxe image online, made it fit full size in a document, and printed two copies. Then glued it to a piece of cardboard, and cut it out. Cut out the second image and glued it to the cardboard… again, pictures to follow at a later date…

We did his pork chop and steak candy bucket in a similar manner…

So here’s Steve!


Make sure to check out Corey’s Creeper costume and check out my cool books for kids 9 to 13 years old.


And for the real Minecraft fans… Corey’s stuffed dog Rex did a video review of Minecraft:

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7 thoughts on “Minecraft – Steve – Halloween Costume

  1. What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable familiarity
    about unpredicted feelings.

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  3. Great tutorial! My son and his friends are going as Minecraft characters this year and you’ve taken a lot of the guess work out for me, thanks!

    • It worked out really great for us. Last year we all went as characters from the Lego Movie. We were storing the Minecraft costumes but finally ran out of space. We put them out on the street and someone came along and snatched them up. I was glad we got to see the kid put on the creeper costume and run around in the street before they drove off 🙂 Have a great Halloween!

  4. I realize this post is a few years old, but it is lovely! My son has asked for a Roblox Noob costume this year; the detail here is so very helpful! I really appreciate the measurements and how you used the foam inside.

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