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Gasparilla’s Treasure Sequel

UPDATE: The sequel is complete 🙂 It’s titled “The Forgotten Secret” and you can get it here!

Just a quick post… I’m right in the middle of writing the follow up to Gasparilla’s Treasure.  I’m currently considering the title “The Forgotten Secret”.  I wish this thing would hurry up and finish writing itself, because it’s really great so far and I can’t wait to see how it will come out!

Even though I have the book completely outlined and I know the basics of what happens, but it’s fun to see where the characters take me with the story and their emotions.  Arghhh, it’s just taking me too long to get there!

Here’s a link to a website I used for researching the shipwrecked “City of Hawkinsville” as one of the settings:


Check out the videos by clicking on the different parts of the boat, then check out the history of The City of Hawkinsville.  I have to admit, I got a little creeped out watching the videos of the sunken ship wreck.

And here’s a picture of the old train bridge in Old Town, Florida.  It’s about 100 yards up river from the ship wreck, and another of the settings in the book.

Historic Railroad Bridge On Nature Coast Trail In Old Town Florida

I hope I can get my final draft of this book finished by the end of December, and then I can get the edit and cover work done in January for a February release!

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