Book Reviews of Gasparilla’s Treasure by Scott Clements

GaspTresCoverDigitalMy middle grade adventure book Gasparilla’s Treasure by Scott Clements has been out for a little while now, and I thought I’d put a few links to some reviews.  If you want more info on my books for teens and tweens, please check out my website.

First, how about the Amazon reviews. Just click here.

Next, a blog review from NonMom:
For the Harry Potter fans who are without a current adventure to get behind, this novel definitely fits the bill. For the Indiana Jones and yes, dating myself here, Goonies fans too, this book will grab you and take you for a fun ride only lacking the ‘Truffle Shuffle’…(more)

Next, a blog from MamaCravings:
Gasparillia’s Treasure is a teacher’s dream. This book is funny, relatable, and has cover-to-cover adventure. Not only will students be drawn into the story, the brilliant layering of history will inspire students to seek out their own adventures….(more)

From Bewildered Bug:
…managed to tickle that little part of my brain that is fascinated by the realistic mixed with the imaginary. Not to mention that Gasparilla’s Treasure was written spectacularly with an captivating plot, exciting characters and just a touch of intrigue that fascinated me completely…(more)

From The Avalon Journals:
…grab your kids and share in this wonderful adventure. Sure, they might think reading is a bit old-fashioned, but Scott Clements has written such a visual tale they will likely not even notice the lack of a screen….(more)

From Reader’s Favorite:
Trip’s adventure takes the reader on a tour of historic St. Augustine, Florida, as Trip and his friends discover clues in González-Alvarez House, the bell tower of Grace United Methodist Church, Fort Matanzas, the old lighthouse, the Spanish fort, Castillo de San Marcos, and the Fountain of Youth Park….(more)

From Rambling’s of a Semi-Housewife:
This book is definitely worth a read, and we will more than likely read it again….(more)

From Cordelia Dinsmore:
Clements weaves a riveting tale for anyone who loves a good treasure hunt. His characters are all believable and interesting….(more)

From ReadalotRhonda:
This story grabs your attention fast and holds it….(more)

From Anthony M. Briggs, Jr.
About halfway through I felt like I was watching  National Treasure, except being played out with tweens. The historical references, the treasure hunting, the clues… if you enjoyed that movie, you likely won’t be disappointed by this book….(more)

From Jemima Pett:
Scott Clements’ story is pacy and enjoyable.  It paints pictures of young love, secret treasure and the fascinating history of the Florida coast, with no cloying romance or cliched travelogue….(more)

From SWLothian:
Gasparilla’s Treasure is a worthy adventure read for middle-graders…(more)

From Young Adult Critic (to prove they aren’t all good):
…it was a huge disappointment for me. I was expecting some kind of YA epic adventure to find a treasure, but it turned out to be some half-baked middle grade novel that was dumbed-down to appeal to third graders….(more)


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3 thoughts on “Book Reviews of Gasparilla’s Treasure by Scott Clements

  1. Gasparilla’s Treasure sure has a lot of fabulous reviews! 🙂

    • I’ve been so happy with reader’s response of both my books so far. It’s just so difficult to get people to give it a read. I’m still looking for the magic formula to get this book in front of every 9 to 13 year old!

      Thank you for the support Casi, and happy new year!!!

      • I’m passing it to as many teachers as possible. Teachers tend to have some pull in what kid’s read 😉 You have awesome work, Scott. My kids love it. ❤

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