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The Forgotten Secret

GaspTresCoverDigitalForgSecDigitalCover“The Forgotten Secret” is a sequel to “Gasparilla’s Treasure” by Scott Clements.  I hope you’ve had a chance to read it, but even if you haven’t, here are some of the places and things you can expect to see in the book.  This blog post is a minor spoiler, so if you plan on reading it, you may want to do that first, then come back and check out some of the real world places and things in the book.  Enjoy!

Early on the kids go to the St. Augustine Peer to meet with mysterious adventurer, Juan Gonzalez:


The kids head to Old Town, Florida to find The City of Hawkeisville shipwreck.  Here’s the old train bridge:

7139566821_898937511e_z Railroad_Tressle_and_City_of_Hawkinsville_Steamboat_resized


And here are a couple of videos of “The City of Hawkinsville” shipwreck:

And for more on “The City of Hawkinsville” check out this website: CLICK HERE

Next they’re off to Washington, D.C. and the “National Mall”.  Here are some overheads of the “National Mall”:

washington-national-mall  MallMap2002

In the map above, you can see exactly where the National Gallery of Art is located.  Here are some pictures of the National Gallery of Art:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA national-gallery-rotunda national-gallery-art-washington2

Here’s the Thomas Sully portrait of Andrew Jackson used for the U.S. twenty dollar bill:

Imacon Color Scanner

Next are the two Andrew Jackson Birthplace Monuments.  In the second one, you can see the etching of the cabin, which is so important in “The Forgotten Secret”.

DAR monument[4] 071209nomore2_t607

Gonzalez heads to the Andrew Jackson Monument in Washington, D.C., which is in plain sight of The White House.

00800_0000011870 00800_0000011960 00800_0000011920

And check out some of the security features on our modern twenty dollar bill, including the EURion constellation.

Security Features of the US Twenty Dollar Bill


And finally they end up at the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine:

St. Augustine, Florida - Nights of Lights Lion_on_SA_Bridge_of_Lions

I hope you enjoyed “The Forgotten Secret” by Scott Clements.  Check out Scott and all his books at

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