Free Ebook Readers!

Are you interested in turning your IPad, Android Tablet, smart phone, or computer into a Kindle eBook reader for free?  If you said yes, you are in luck, and on your way to tons of downloadable books for the Kindle.  And the reader is absolutely FREE!  All you need is an Amazon account, and a compatible device (there are a lot of compatible devices).

The Amazon Kindle eBook Store has nearly every eBook you could ever want, and they generally cost way less than their paperback counterpart.  In fact, you can find a large number of books free of charge on a daily basis (today, “The Holy Bible” was the number one free book).  Why would anyone give you their book for free?  Well, they want you to fall in love with their work, tell all your friends, and go buy their other books.

If you can’t find your favorite book for free, most ebooks range from as little as $0.99 up to $19.99.  For instance, “The Hunger Games” for about $5.00, or “Harry Potter” for about $8.00.  No driving to the store or waiting for shipping.  It’s instantly downloadable.

You will also open yourself up to a new world of independent authors such as myself.  You can check out my books, Gasparilla’s Treasure, The Forgotten Secret, and That Pet Finder Kid on your free Kindle reader for $4.99.

OK, so how do you get this free Kindle reader?  It’s really quite simple.  Follow THIS LINK to the Kindle reader download page.  There you will find all the versions of the reader, including the one for your device.  Click on your device, and it will take you to the download page.  Click on the large “Download Now” button, and the rest should be easy.

I hope this opens a whole new option for finding the books you love!

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